Virtual Pet Love Bath Bomb

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You spent the greater part of the early 2000’s caring for your virtual pet- now let them treat you! 
These tamagotchi inspired bath bombs are scented with a blend of juicy mango, papaya, and watery melon.

Each bomb will be sent to you in a random color- pink, green, blue, purple, orange... the possibilities are endless!

This bomb comes in two variants, painted and plain!  Painted bombs are hand painted with glittery mica on the outside to give the bombs a cuter, more lifelike and exciting look! Plain bombs are more of a classic plain look, if you’re into a more simplistic design! 

This listing is for one (1) bath bomb. This bath bomb is HUGE and is slightly larger than our regular full bath bombs. Each bomb packs a lot of fizz inside!. Each bath bomb is also made with skin-loving grapeseed oil that will leave your skin feeling amazingly soft, but not oily! 

Each bath bomb is carefully shrink wrapped and packaged to make it safely to you, but if for some reason it comes to you cracked or broken, it will still fizz in your tub just fine.