Icy Hot Bath Bomb

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This bath bomb is one of the three bath bombs from my Boku No Bath Bomb Academia set. Spicy and Icy- this bath bomb is a dichotomy of scents that will definitely get you energized and fired up!

This bomb is a spicy musk smell- it's close to Vick's Vapor Rub, with a hint of spice.

This listing is for one (1) bath bomb. This bath bomb is 2.75” (think tennis ball sized) in diameter and packs a lot of fizz inside the tiny ball. Each bath bomb is also made with skin-loving grapeseed oil that will leave your skin feeling amazingly soft, but not oily!

Each bath bomb is carefully shrink wrapped and packaged to make it safely to you, but if for some reason it comes to you cracked or broken, it will still fizz in your tub just fine.