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Are you a new Fizzy Fan and not sure where to start? Are you an old member of the Fizzy Fam and are just looking for some cheap but awesome goodies? This box is for you!
The Fizzy Fairy Discount Box is just that- a box filed with Fizzy Fairy goodies that we otherwise don't sell. Each box will contain the equivalent to six full sized bath bombs (with options to receive just bath bombs or a mixture of bombs and other products such as soaps, candles, and bubble bars.) and all of these products are otherwise unfit for our store. This is an attempt to minimize waste while also providing some good deals to you!
Things that could be in each box include:
-Extra bath bombs left over from the Fizzy Fairy Fandom Box that are limited edition and we don't have on our Etsy
-Messily stenciled/painted bombs that don't pass the usual Fizzy Fairy quality test
-Custom ordered soaps/candles that we accidentally made extra of
-Half bombs (shower bombs)
-Candles that have outer frosting on the glass but still usable
-Hand pressed bombs that have crumpled slightly or lost shape (but still fizz fine)
-Test designs for upcoming products that we altered before releasing
-ONLY vegan and cruelty free items, just like everything else in our shop

The box WILL NOT include:
-Expired (or close to expiring) products
-Products missing ingredients (such as polysorbate) that may stain the skin or tub
-Anything that's been used or touched without unsanitized hands

Each box will be randomly curated, but will always contain the same value (six full bombs equivalent) of items. If there's anything you can't have or don't want (such as an allergy to cinnamon scents) then please notate in the order comments of your order! We will do our best to follow any requests but PLEASE make sure to notate if you want something to be considered, ESPECIALLY allergies!
If you've ever seen us at a convention, this is similar to our mystery blind bags!
Note: If you choose the option for a mix of products, there is no guarantee on what kinds of products you may get. You may still receive six bath bombs and no other types of items, but we will do our best to vary the items inside. Everything is based on our inventory at the time.

Please allow 3-5 days for shipping.