Wholesale Orders

We do wholesale orders!
We can make custom bath bombs, soaps, or candles for your subscription box, bridal shower, party, or store, or whatever! 

Custom bath bombs

1. Minimum order of 10 bath bombs per type/design

2. can have up to 6 colors, and may include any glitter/embeds you wish

3. use any of our available fragrances, or custom order your own

4. can include charms for an additional cost

Custom candles

1. start in batches of 5 or more

2. can come in any color or fragrance from our available fragrances, or custom order your own

3. start with a regular cotton wick, but can be upgraded to our premium wooden wicks for no additional cost

Custom soaps

1. can come in any mold we have an available mold for, or can be custom ordered for you

2. can come in any color or fragrance from our available fragrances, or custom order your own

3. use a base of an all vegan glycerin base, or premium three-butter soap base


All of our wholesale orders can be customized for your needs, and come with complimentary custom labels and packaging. Please email at fizzyfairyapothecary@gmail.com for all inquiries. 

Our custom order/wholesale prices starts at half our retail cost, and vary depending on complexity, design, and style. Feel free to shoot a message for a quote! 

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